A return

Welcome to everyone who’s read any of these posts, or followed my link when we talked.

Ten months ago, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. I am still waiting on SSI and trying to find another job through Oregon Voc Rehab, something that I can actually do. Meanwhile, I am trying to turn my passion into something that looks more like a job.

There are a few stories popping up here and there. A few bright spots in the dark. I will link them as they go up. I have also managed to resurrect the Hour That Stretches, a spoken-word happening I started three years ago for my writer friends in this town and visiting it. We have moved to the Clinton Street Theatre, beloved by many including me.
Hopefully I can keep that going.

More to say… as I think of it. I have not made enough use of this blog, and sold a few people short in the omission. So…more to come.